Camping Full Adventure Tour

6 days – 5 nights Camping Full Adventure Tour




DAY 1:

Upon arrival to Chiritza by bus, you will board a motorized canoe and navigate on the quiet Aguarico River to Puca Peña, a large sandy beach where we will set camp for the night. Breakfast, lunch, dinner served.

DAY 2:

We will break camp after a very early breakfast and continue downriver to the Playas of Cuyabeno, a Quichua community, where you will observe their customs and way of life. You will also enjoy the delta where the Cuyabeno River empties into the Aguarico River (a usual play area for the pink river dolphin). We will then continue up the Cuyabeno River to visit the Aguas Negras and Aguas Blancas Rivers before reaching the Amarumposa cabins where we will stay two nights. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner served.

DAY 3:

After breakfast at 8 am you will hike through the primary jungle where your guide will introduce you to various medicinal plants. You will also have the opportunity to observe native animal species. Various animal tracks will also be seen (tapir, armadillo, paca, etc.). In the afternoon you can enjoy a refreshing swim in the river and fish for piranhas. After dinner, weather and river conditions permitting, your guide will take you on a nocturnal caiman-watching canoe ride. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner served.

DAY 4:

We will continue up the river to the Laguna Grande after breakfast. Upon arrival at your new camp near the laguna we will take a short walk and swim before dinner and rest. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner served.

DAY 5:

At dawn your guide will take bird lovers to observe the numerous bird species that live in this region (optional). You will return to the camp for breakfast and then continue up the river to our last camp, Cuyabeno River Lodge, to spend the night. Short walk or canoeing in native canoes upon reaching the lodge. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner served.

DAY 6:

On day six we will explore one last trail, with new opportunities to see different vegetation and animals before taking the early evening direct bus (6:30 pm) to Quito. Breakfast and lunch served.

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